11 Sneaky Weight Loss Hacks That Actually Work!


It’s no secret that eating well and doing lots of daily exercise is the key to keeping fit.

While these are many known ways to help you lose weight, there are also some rare, more unknown, diet hacks that can help you lose a few extra pounds as well.

Go ahead and try a couple or all of these weight loss hacks if this year you’re aiming to lose some weight

1/ Put high-fat foods in hard-to-find places

Make unhealthy snacks hard to hit if you keep them in your house.

Basically it would be better not to buy the snacks, but most of us will buy cookies or cupcakes or treats for an occasion and It’s difficult to stop if they sit on my counter looking at me in the face.

Using the cabinets’ top shelves or very low shelves behind heavy containers makes it hard to find them sweets.

2/ Learn to pour perfect portions

Wine is fine, but train yourself to drink the right amount.


To pour a five-ounce serving, use a measurement cup and then pour the wine into the bottle.

You will know just how much to spill after a couple of attempts (over many days).

3/ Never dine at your desk

Are you tempted to sit next to your screen and work through lunch? Do not do that!

Your lunch is going to be less enjoyable and shortly after, you will be more likely to have even more food.

4/ Avoid processed foods at all costs!

Microwavable fast snacks are indeed high in calories, high in fat, and poor in nutrients.

Artificial food coloring, flavors, additives and fillers are sometimes packed with packaged foods that leave you bloated, inflamed, and low-energy.T

To start, try following the principle of eating real food, mainly plants.

Note, since there is nothing added to it, real food also does not have a label.
A carrot is a carrot!

5/ Eliminate economy-sized packages

You are more likely to over-serve yourself when you serve food from large packets of cereal, chips or crackers.

Or if, for economic reasons, you want to buy them, don’t eat the huge pack.

Portion your amount out and lock the package or bag.

6/ Eat by a window

Studies conducted at Cornell University have found that whether you are dining at home or eating out in a restaurant you are likely to consume healthy food if you dine by a window

7/ Get sneaky with labels

Can’t they fully ditch snack foods?

Label your favorite treat packets with both the snack’s right serving size And the amount of exercise required to burn it off.

Perhaps it will make you less likely to overindulge!

8/ Use photo apps as a food diary

Not every dieter counts calories.

But to hold yourself accountable and to encourage diet-friendly decisions, you should keep a food diary.

As it’s really eye-opening to see what you’ve eaten for one day or a week.

9/ De-clutter your countertops

According to clinical trials, sustainable lifestyle promotes clean eating.

Clean out your kitchen countertops, to give yourself the space you need to cook nutritious meals.

10/ Choose meal companions carefully

According to study, you’re likely to make dietary decisions dependent on the actions of the people who are with you while you eat.

So choose Choose meal companions carefully before you choose the meal!

11/ Clean out your fridge

A clean refrigerator will highlight your nutritious foods, to make diet-friendly eating easy.

Placed single-serving Greek yogurt cans, low-fat dairy goods, and sliced vegetables on the front shelf, so that you can see them right away when you open the fridge door to browse.