15 things to get rid of before winter


Before winter, it’s important to get rid of all those things you keep “just in case” that clutter your home unnecessarily.

Throw away without regret

Winter is just around the corner, which means a lot more time spent indoors. Transforming your home into a model of comfort can make this time more enjoyable. Starting now can help prepare you to face this difficult season, rather than feeling overwhelmed when it comes. Organizing your space is the key to success, according to storage design experts.

#1 Decaying fall garland

Nothing decorates better than a fresh garland, while yours on the main door is losing its needles every time you enter or leave. Agree to replace this decrepit remnant with a beautiful pine and juniper wreath. Greenery is a winter classic that can easily be embellished in the holiday season.

#2 Faded Holiday Items

Get ready for the holiday season now by decluttering your decorations bin. Get rid of anything torn, twisted, and any banners or balloons that are from the last Halloween party. And even though it’s still a little early, it’s best to prevent the holiday rush. You’ll be glad to start the year in a tidy, well-decorated home.

#3 Rusty barbecue accessories

Get rid of those rusty tongs that are impossible to clean, as well as the old grill spatula. During the winter, you’ll be cooking up comfort food on your stovetop, where you can prepare just about anything with a spurtle. Don’t know what it is? It’s the Scottish-made wooden utensil that combines the best of the spoon and the spatula to mix oatmeal, soup, stews and broths.

#4 Tattered towels

If your pool and beach towels aren’t what they used to be, it’s time to say goodbye to them. But instead of throwing them away, use them as washable cleaning cloths to care for the floors, the car or your pet. Old towels are one of those reusable household items. You can also donate them to an organization that collects towels and fabrics.


#5 Damaged tote bags

If your tote bag strap is broken, it’s time to move on. You’ve been wanting to fix it for a while, but let’s be honest. Your bag has been sitting in the back of your closet, for too long, and still has sand in it from a far away trip. Find a sturdier model, like this giant burlap economy bag from Dalix. With over a hundred favorable reviews and for only $12.98, there’s no mistaking it. But avoid overloading it too much for your comfort.

#6 Old baseball caps

It’s time to ditch the old baseball caps that are too worn to make it through the winter. Stay warm in this cozy beanie with a Bluetooth speaker. You’ll have style, plus access to your favorite music wirelessly. In any case, remember never to pack it in the bottom of a bin: it’s one of the things professional wardrobe organizers would never do.

#7 Self-tanning lotions

Self-tanning season is over, and what little is left in the tube will be out of date by next year. Plus, it takes up space. Trade it in for a bottle of nourishing hand cream. That way you can protect your hands from winter damage.

#8 Unused or damaged outdoor toys

With the cold weather looming, indoor games like puzzles take priority. Avoid keeping damaged or incomplete outdoor games in order to repair them the following summer. And why not take the opportunity to dispose of items like dusty horseshoes that haven’t been used in years?

#9 Seashell Collection

If your seashell collection is just an old beach souvenir, it’s time to get rid of it. DIYers may want to build a collection to pull out every year. Otherwise, make way for an elegant set of birch bark flameless candles that look like they came straight from the hands of Mother Nature.

#10 Faded Swimsuits

The cold air heralds the end of bathing suits and the release of sweaters. Before you put them away, make sure you throw away any that are faded, unflattering or have loose elastic. During the winter, you’re going to want to wear a cozy cable-knit sweater, and why not one with pockets?

#11 Discarded Throws

That old throw will not keep you warm this winter. You know the one we’re talking about, the one that’s warped, frayed and has a hole in the corner. It’s really been used, but its time has come. Spoil yourself with a thick warming blanket that comforts you as you curl up on the couch with a good book, or watching your favorite series on Netflix.

#12 Old spices

Once the barbecue season is over, whatever you keep in the pantry won’t have the same flavor the next summer. As for sorting, throw out old spices, nearly empty jars and any flavor you’ll never use. This will make room for new spices that are better suited to winter comfort food.

#13 Leaky water bottles

Is your kitchen cabinet cluttered with unused water bottles? Tidy up by throwing out any that are leaking, uncapped or oozing. Instead, make sure you have an insulated bottle for warm winter drinks.

#14 Damaged gougouns

It’s time to get rid of those gougouns with uncomfortable toe rings, and those that are so worn out they won’t last through the winter. Air out your closet and get your favorite shoes and sandals in order. Or, get a pair of cozy faux-fur slippers to keep your feet warm all winter long.

#15 Damaged rakes

Is your rake missing any stems? Is it too fragile to be useful? Throw it away and make room for the snow shovel. Shovel much more easily by choosing ergonomic options, such as the anti-back pain snow shovel. Your spine will thank you for it.


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