8 tips to enjoy an aperitif without feeling guilty


Wondering if it’s really possible to combine diabetes and a drink? Good news, here are 8 tips to enjoy an aperitif without feeling guilty and having fun!

Offer freshness and originality

With raw vegetables such as carrot and cucumber sticks, cherry tomatoes, cauliflower heads or mushrooms. This is fresher than breadsticks and, above all, much richer in vitamins and minerals.

To garnish these foods, don’t buy ready-made sauces, but make your own light, lemony homemade sauce with yogurt or 0% cottage cheese.

Cold cuts

It is often the right choice, but be careful because it is often high in fat. If you really want to eat it, choose white ham or country ham, which are considered to be lean charcuterie.

Peanuts are out

The truth is that only six peanuts represent 72 calories. As an alternative, offer green olives, which are almost half the calories of black olives.


Choose wholemeal toast instead of white bread. The blini or cracker can be replaced by an endive leaf, a black radish or a slice of beet. An added bonus: it’s original and innovative!


Don’t forget the proteins

Focus on proteins to avoid cravings:

hard-boiled egg,
diced white ham,
grilled chicken,
squares of Gruyere
cheese squares,

Drinks with alcohol

Opt for the least energetic alcohols with no added sugars. Strong alcohols such as whiskey, rum, martinis, etc. should be replaced by red wine, dry white wine or champagne, but avoid adding syrup.

The hypoglycemic effect of alcohol can occur if it is consumed alone. This is why it is advisable to eat complex carbohydrates which can counteract this effect.

To limit the amount of alcohol consumed, a tip: put your glass down between two sips.

Alcohol-free drinks

Without alcohol, the party is crazier! You can prepare refreshing non-alcoholic drinks like sparkling water with a dash of lemon and mint.

Also consider smoothies and fresh vegetable juices that contain extra vitamins and fiber.

The extra tip

Instead of having a simple aperitif, invite your friends to a dinner party that offers a greater variety of foods to compose a balanced plate.

Avoid small salty treats (peanuts, chips, sausages, etc.) and opt for small, more elaborate appetizers: muffins with pesto, avocado and smoked salmon verrines, fruit brochettes, etc.

By varying the presentations and flavors, the impression of satiety will increase.

Agathe V, dietitian-nutritionist


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