8 tips to enjoy an aperitif without feeling guilty

Wondering if it’s really possible to combine diabetes and a drink? Good news, here are 8 tips to enjoy an aperitif without feeling guilty and having fun! Offer freshness and originality With raw vegetables such as carrot and cucumber sticks, cherry tomatoes, cauliflower heads or mushrooms. This is fresher than breadsticks and, above all, much … Read more

5 tips for eating less fat!

No food should be banned in general, as long as you eat a balanced diet. However, a diet that is too high in fat can worsen your diabetes and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Here are a few easy tips for eating less fat: Read the labels Before buying a product, systematically read its … Read more

5 preconceived ideas about diabetic nutrition

Because it is complex enough to manage your diet when you have diabetes, let’s get rid of preconceived ideas to help you live better with the disease every day! Myth n°1: Starchy foods should be banned if I want to lose weight Starchy foods (breads and bread products, potatoes, cereals and legumes) are an integral … Read more

Why should diabetics eat fiber?

Often, diet information for people with diabetes revolves around carbohydrates. But it’s almost as important to make sure you get enough dietary fiber. First of all, in diabetes, fiber improves blood sugar control. This effect has been analyzed and measured many times. In particular, it has been proven that in the short term (six weeks), … Read more

What diet to adopt when you have diabetes?

Diabetes is a disease characterized by an increase in the amount of glucose in the blood (blood sugar). The treatment and diet for type 1 and type 2 diabetes are not always the same. The goal of treatment for both types of diabetes is to normalize blood sugar levels. Diet for type 1 diabetics ? … Read more

11 Best-Ever Thanksgiving Pies

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13 Vegan Christmas Dinner Recipes

It is simpler than you thought to bring together a plant-based meal. These vegan Christmas dinner recipes will delight everyone at the table. 1/ Caramelized Green Beans with Soy and Lemon Caramelized green beans is a quick, healthy dish that would be an ideal vegan (and optionally gluten free) side for an Asian-style dinner. Check … Read more

5 Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight Right Now

Your body fights back as you lose weight! Without much work, you will be able to lose quite a lot of weight at first. However after a while, weight loss can slow down or stop entirely. This article lists 5 common reasons why you’re not losing weight. It also offers actionable tips for how to … Read more

11 Sneaky Weight Loss Hacks That Actually Work!

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10 dangerous stomach aches you should never ignore

For most people, stomach aches are a regular part of life. But beyond the acute, temporary discomfort that we’ve all experienced, there are also several forms of abdominal pain that can be a sign of a serious health issue and shouldn’t be ignored. ⚠⚠ Remember: Never ignore a sudden stomachache. That said, it can be … Read more